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Posters in Smiths aims to promote the legacy of the band The Smiths: Mainly through their posters. That is done through 5 communication tools:

  • : Where you can find the description of its releases with Rough Trade .
  • : Where you can find its original posters and other products with no intention of violating any license rights to the band.
  • : page aimed to keep the memory of the Smiths posting posters, fan photos , covers, songs, etc. . This page has 100,000 followers.
  • @TheSmiths_iP : Twitter account with the same purpose as the page of Facebook    
  • Instagram: @thesmiths_ip

Access to this site constitutes acceptance of the fact that Marc Capella, owner of the site will not be responsible for any damages that may result from such access or as a result of the use of information contained on the website , including access to other materials through the internet connection with this website.

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Protection of personal data

Information which you provide is of a voluntary nature, so any lack of response has no negative consequences.  This information is in order to establish a data index exclusively for The Smiths in Posters with an end to gathering information which will help us to improve the service of The Smiths Shop and for future promotional and commercial activities.

The responsible for the data index will be Marc Capella i Puig, and you have the right to access the index to solicit the rectification, cancellation or objection to your personal information, according to the law 15/99 LOPD.  In this case, you can effect this operation sending an email to [email protected]

Thank you very much!

Long Life to The Smiths Legacy.