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Meat is Murder Songbook + POSTER of the Band

MEAT IS MURDER Songbook Published in 1985 by Warner Chappell Music LTD, Paperback. Paperback: 52 pages, including 8 nice colours pictures and one DIN A3 Poster of a photo taken by Stephen Wright ap..

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Meat Is Murder

Release date: 1985, FebruaryThe Smihs Original Promo Poster from the album "Meat Is Murder" distributed by The Cartel.                       &nbs..

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Meat Is Murder US

Release date: 1985, February Rare The Smihs US Original Promo Poster of the album "Meat Is Murder". Unlike the UK release which included 9 songs, the US release included the single 'How Soon is Now..

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Meat is Murder US Pre-Release Promo Poster

Release date: 1985, February The Smihs US Original Promo Poster Banner Pre-relase of the album "Meat is Murder".  Very Rare.            &..

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Barbarism Begins At Home

Release date: 1985, April Rare The Smihs German promo poster for the 1985 vinyl release of Barbarism and to also to promote Smiths 1985 Tour dates in Germany. Information in german text and promote..

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