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ONLY S - William It was Really Nothing Smiths T-Shirt

The Smiths T-Shirt 'William It Was Really Nothing' first sleeve: Uncredited photograph of a man sitting on the edge of a bed for included in a 1982 advertisement for A.D.S. speakers (on the cover..

£15.00 £11.25 Ex Tax: £11.25


Condition: Excellent, slight fold Mark.Images Format: PhotosRealese date: 1988, September. The Smihs Original Promo Poster from the Live album "RANK" distributed by The Cartel.   &nb..

£225.00 Ex Tax: £225.00

Rank Live Album T-Shirt - Organic Cotton

The Smiths Rank T-shirtRank Album Class Fashion T-Shirt featuring Alexandra Bastedo. 140 g/m²  - 100% Organic Cotton, combed and ring-spun SLIM FITSingle Jersey Double needle stitched sl..

£21.00 Ex Tax: £21.00

Rank US

Image: PhotosApprox.Size: 35"x23".Condition: Very Good. Bottom left and right corners: Slight water stains. Imperceptible creases that will hardly be visible once framed.Further information or images ..

£800.00 Ex Tax: £800.00

Salford & Smiths Collage Original T-Shirt - ©Stephen Wright

Collage of Salford Sign and The Smiths alternate image in front of Lad's Club. Original Photo by © Stephen Wright. The author of the image and this Shop has an agreement to sale this t-shirt.Please ..

£25.00 £18.75 Ex Tax: £18.75

Strangeways Here We Come - Green Letters Version

Condition: VG+Product Image: PhotoRelease date: 1987, Sept.The Smiths Original Promo Poster from the album "Strangeways Here We Come" Green Title Edition distributed by The Cartel. That was the last S..

£700.00 Ex Tax: £700.00

Strangeways Here We Come T-shirt

Class Fashion T-Shirt of Strangeways Here We Come album cover featuring Richard Davalos in a still taken out of the film East of Eden. In the same picture appears James Dean. Slub Yarn T-Shirt:120 ..

£21.00 Ex Tax: £21.00

The Queen Is Dead US TOUR 86 - Lollipop Boy

Condition: MINT.Date of Distribution: End July - August, 1986. One of the rarest posters to find of The Smiths distributed to promote "The Queen Is Dead" 1986 Tour in US. As cover star features an ..

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

The Smiths Cassettes T-shirt

T-shirt  featuring The Smiths Cassettes Spine of the albums published under Rough Trade, from the Debut one to Strangeways and Rank. Beautiful T-shirt both layout and cloth together. SI..

£23.00 Ex Tax: £23.00

The Smiths Debut Album T-Shirt

Top Quality T-Shirt of The Smiths debut album cover featuring Joe D'Alessandro. SIZE CHART : Half Chest X LengthS  - 18.1" x 26.7" ~ 46cm x 68cm M  - 19.5" x 27.7" ~ 49.5cm x 70,5cm ..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

The Smiths Exhibition Promo Poster

Limited Edition of 1.000 posters of the Exhibition held in Manchester from 4-Jul to 31-Aug of 2013. The Poster include a collage of pictures of the original posters exhibted as: This Charming man, Wha..

£20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

The Smiths Songs T-Shirt

The Smiths T-Shirt including all the track titles written by the Mancunian band. Thus  excluding covers like Work is a for letter word?,  What's the World Written by James and Golden Lig..

£22.00 Ex Tax: £22.00

The Smiths US Debut

Release date: 1984, February The Smihs US Original Promo Poster from the first album "The Smiths" which include songs as "Still Ill", "Hand in Glove" or What Difference Does It Makes?. Besides unli..

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

There is a Light That Never Goes Out T-Shirt

‘There is a  Light That Never Goes Out’ T-Shirt - Black MEN Letters Printed in VELVET Cloth SIZE CHART : Half Chest X LengthS  - 18.1" x 26.7" ~ 46cm x 68cm M  - 19" x 27.7" ..

£19.00 Ex Tax: £19.00

This Charming Man

Release date: 1983, OctoberCondition: EXCELLENT. The Smiths Original Promo Poster "This Charming Man", distributed in US. Song later included in Hatful of Hollow album.      Appro..

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

This Charming Man T-Shirt - Women's Navy Heather

The Smiths single cover of This Charming Man featuring French actor Jean Marais from the film L'Orphée. SIZE CHART : Half Chest X LengthXS  - 16.5" x 24.4" ~ 42cm x 62cmS  - 17.7" x 25.2"..

£23.00 Ex Tax: £23.00

To die by your side Class T-Shirt - Women

To die by your side... famous line of  ‘There is a  Light That Never Goes Out’ lyrics. I did not know which one to choose if 'is such a heavenly way to die' or 'well, the pleasure, the privi..

£25.00 Ex Tax: £25.00

What Difference Does it Make? T-Shirt - Navy Heather

The Smiths T-Shirt 'What Difference Does it Make' featuring Terence Stamp when 'The Collector' film was being shot. SIZE CHART : Half Chest X LengthS  - 18.1" x 26.7" ~ 46cm x 68cmM  - 19.5..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Hand in Glove

Release date: 1983, May The Smihs Original Promo Poster from the first single "Hand In Glove" distributed by The Cartel, included in The Smiths debut album. Approx.Size: 12"x24". Condition: Exce..

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

Hand in Glove - Sandie Shaw

Release date: 1984, April The Smihs Original Promo Poster of the single "Hand In Glove" featuring Sandie Shaw on the voice. That single was the only recording of the version distributed by The Cart..

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