The Smiths Morrissey Postcards

The Smiths Morrissey Postcards

The postcards back in the 80s were very popular in music scene and you could find lots from your favourite band, in this case most of  The Smiths and Morrissey but also fo Johnny Marr. I have been collecting these poscards for about 30 years and now I put the ones I have doubled on sale.

Note there are some postcards of The Smiths, Morrissey or Johnny Marr that are original from Rough Trade.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to send me an email to [email protected]


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The Smiths The World Wont Listen Postcard

The Smiths 'The World Won't Listen' album Postcard featuring a photo of The Beatles fans. Printed in Europe by 'Editions Oasis'. Ref. on the back: None Condition: Very Good, (Excellent Cover)..

Ex Tax: £5.00

The Smiths William - Postcard

The Smiths 'Wiliam It Was Really Nothing' Postcard featuring Billie Whitelaw, 1986. Printed in Europe by 'Editions Musicartes'. Ref. on the back: 452 Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing Co..

Ex Tax: £8.00